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What is Safari Club? Safari Club International is a non-profit organization dedicated to the

conservation of wildlife, education of people and the protection of hunters' rights. Founded

in 1971, Safari Club International is a worldwide charitable organization that promotes

wildlife conservation and education, provides services for people in need, and functions

as an advocate for hunters' and hunting. More than 42,000 members in 40 countries

forming over 200 chapters empower SCI's missions around the globe.

Safari Club International members are conservationists who hunt. We believe that habitat

and wildlife must be kept in balance, and we believe that wisely managed hunting is one

of the best ways to accomplish this. The right to pursue wild game has been handed down

to us through the centuries, and Safari Club International takes action to protect this

cherished heritage. Along with this thinking, the Delaware Valley Chapter has conducted

itself in a way to continue the mission of SCI:

1. To recognize the goals and objectives of Safari Club International

2. To collect, organize and distribute educational materials regarding the wild animals of the world

3. To provide donations and support to other organizations or individuals pursuing the goals of SCI

4. To protect hunters rights

5. To educate and maintain public relations concerning sport hunting

6. To promote safe sport hunting

7. To produce and host at least 1 fundraiser per year in order to support the ideals of SCI.

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Click here to read more about our chapter's accomplishments!